Paul Robi

Paul Robi was born August 20, 1931, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Robi moved to Los Angeles California and attended Jefferson High school. While at Jefferson High he ran track and enjoyed directing acapella and madrigal choirs. He eventually joined a singing group called “The Mellow Moods” The Platters had already been formed and done some unsuccessful recordings under the Federal Records label. The Platters were in desperate need of a better sound. Paul was asked to join The Platters, he agreed to join as long as he was given full reigns of all musical and vocal arrangements. The Platters finally had the perfect harmonic combination to complete their lush, ethereal sound. Their final lineup included first tenor, Tony Williams, second tenor David Lynch, bass Herb Reed, contralto Zola Taylor and finally baritone Paul Robi.
Under the Mercury Records label, The Platters recorded “Only You” and it became a number One hit. Within a year they had 10 number One hits.
In February 1989 Paul Robi died unexpectedly of cancer, only two weeks after winning, in Federal Court, a case he fought alone for 20 years. His court victory represented a landmark decision for the entertainment industry. It;s the first victory of Artist against Management corruption. His death was a tremendous loss to the industry he loved so dearly and also to everyone who know, and loved, and respected him and admired him for his talent. He is survived by his wife Martha and four children.